Saturday, 7 April 2007

Oglaigh na hEireann Easter Statement 2007.

The Leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann extend Easter greetings to our Volunteers and supporters and to all POW's currently incarcerated for remaining true to the vision of the men and women of 1916. We also extend solidarity and fraternal greetings to fellow revolutionaries the world over, mindful that the anti colonial and anti imperialist struggle is both national and international. Oglaigh na hEireann stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your struggles to rid your nations and peoples of military, political and economic occupation by foreign despots.

Oglaigh na hEireann remember with pride all those who have fallen in the national liberation struggle from all republican organisations, we send easter greetings to the families and friends of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, especially in the most recent campaigns.

We commend our volunteers for the discipline they have shown during these difficult times for republicanism. Discipline is essential if republicanism is to prosper in the future. Republicanism cannot allow itself to be sullied by acts of criminality carried out by those purporting to act in its name, such acts not only bring ignominy on the perpetrators but the entire republican family. We must move forward with principle, clear vision and unity of purpose. We know what need to be done, we cannot allow ourselves to be sidetracked by counter revolutionary activities.

This Easter we commemorate the 91st anniversary of the Easter Rising when republicans from varying political backgrounds and outlooks united on the issues they agreed upon, the necessity of breaking the connection with England and the establishment of a sovereign Irish republic. Today republicanism has also many diverse strands however diversity is a strength, not a weakness, republican diversity and republican unity can co exist. Provided republicans can agree on the central issue, namely the restoration and defence of Irish National sovereignty then we can rebuild a stronger movement capable of challenging British rule in Ireland. Republicanism must return to its progressive and democratic roots if it is to prevent itself being dragged down avenues created to destroy it.

We take this opportunity to pay tribute to all those who took the correct stance on the RUC/PSNI during the recent debate on that issue. Once again we state our total and absolute rejection of this force as acceptable in Ireland. No British policing in Ireland can be countenanced by republicans. Ireland is illegally occupied by Britain thus rendering and British force or institution of power illegal,this is the republican position.

The total capitulation of a once revolutionary movement has shocked and saddened many but has come as no surprise to Oglaigh na hEireann. History is littered with examples of revolutionaries becoming absorbed into the state apparatus of the systems they once fought. The promise of changing the system from within has turned out to be an empty one for republicans. In these historic times history teaches us to be wary of such hollow rhetoric. Those who have in the past promised to change the system today preside over massive inequalities of wealth and opportunity and the wholesale rape and theft of our natural resources. Others who more recently promised to lead us to the republic have delivered British rule and at a terrible cost.

Thankfully our history has also taught us that there will always be those willing to resist injustice and occupation by whatever means are at their disposal, including force of arms. Likewise Oglaigh na hEireann, the Irish Republican Army will continue to reserve the right to use armed force as and when we deem it necessary.
In Defence of the Nation.
Beir Bua.

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