Friday, 28 November 2008

RUC Special Branch attempt to recruit South Armagh 32CSM member in London.

32 County Sovereignty Movement

RUC/PSNI Special Branch attempt to recruit South Armagh 32CSM member in London

The attempts by MI5 and RUC/PSNI Special Branch to recruit informers inside the 32 County Sovereignty Movement continue at pace. A member of the movement from South Armagh was detained in Gatwick Airport on Wednesday while waiting for a connecting flight to the Maldives.
In a statement the member detailed what happened,

“I flew to Gatwick. Checked in for flight to Maldives at about 3.40pm. While my bag was being put through security I thought someone was looking at me and on a walkie talkie though I put it down to paranoia. I walked around the shopping area of Gatwick and about 5 minutes after sitting down was approached by airport security who asked to see my passport and ticket and said it was routine check. He said to wait where I was while he ran the check and he stood out of earshot on the phone. He then returned and said that there was a problem and that I would have to accompany him. At that stage a tall English man with glasses came who didn’t identify himself and who I don’t think was airport security and I was led to a private room and told to wait. The English man left with my stuff. While sitting there the airport security man informed me that two police officers had travelled over from Ireland and wanted to talk to me. At this stage it was about 4.20ish I think. There was a knock at the door and the security guy was called out.

Two members of RUC then entered and introduced themselves as "John" and "Dawn". They said they wanted to have a chat and thought I would be able to help them. I said I didn’t think I would to which they replied “we will see”

"John" did 80% of the talking. They said that they had no intention of keeping me from my flight though if I co operated I would get out quicker.

They said that they where not interested in anything other than the 32CSM and what its strategy was. I said that that was available for anyone to see online and was public. they said they believed that the public strategy differs from the real strategy and that I would be in a position to know the real strategy. If I could help them with that then I could help save lives as it would enable them to understand where the 32CSM "and associates" are coming from. He said there could be a compromise made then said compromise was the wrong word but something could be reached where there would be no need for killing anymore but they would be able to do this easier if they were aware of where the movement was coming from.

The above question about the strategy was the one they asked most times. I think possibly 15 or so times. Each time I said the same, that it could be found online in our documents.

They asked who wrote the documents and was behind the strategy. I said I don’t know. They then immediately asked who runs the website and do I help at all in running it or with anything online. I said no.

They then began asking me who I have contact with. I said I did’t know any names. They kept asking so I just said I am not telling them anything. Why they asked, I said it is a legitimate organisation and I don’t have to tell them anything. They then said some of those associated with it are not legitimate and have bad intentions. I said I wouldn’t know anything about that. They then asked do I believe there is joint membership between the 32CSM/RIRA. I said I have no idea to be honest because no one would tell me if they where. They then said they are sure I know but wouldn’t push it further.

They asked me do I know any "associates" of the 32CSM from south Armagh. I said I have no idea. They asked who I sold papers with. I said I don’t know. They said that it is odd I lived in South Armagh all my life and didn’t know these people.

They then asked do I know anyone from the South Down area. I said I know nobody from there. They laughed and said am I truthfully saying that and to think clearly as we all know who they are talking about. they then said as I told them I know no one from South Down they know I am "telling them fibs".

The above questions are mainly what they kept asking over and over, telling me its getting close to my flight time and I should help them out.

They kept asking questions about how I would feel if some of my family or an innocent person was killed and i could have stopped that. all they where expecting of me was what would be expected off any law abiding citizen. They talked about the 4 cops who died in the car crash and said there was outrage over that so imagine if a cop was killed.

3/4 of the time was spend playing this general line to me about civic duty and helping save lives. When they saw it wasn’t doing anything they then took another line:

They said that I should consider setting up a "business plan" with them and it might be beneficial. I said no. They said when I returned that maybe one day I might want a house of my own and that they could help me out with that - all I needed to do is tell them what they wanted. I said I don’t need any help and am perfectly fine - they said that might not always be the way. they also said they would be able to protect me.

They told me that they had been watching me for some time and believed I knew much more than I let on - if I didn’t why would they have came all the way to England and wasted time and money to talk to me. They said that they where thinking of me by stopping me in Gatwick where I would be relaxed as I was going on holiday - they said there was many times they could have stopped me in Newry and that they would have been able to have got plain cloths PSNI to stop and search me every time they saw me. but they didn’t.

They repeated the same questions a few more times and then said they would end the meeting as I wasn’t being forward and truthful with me but to have a think of it over the next few weeks. They asked when I would return I said two weeks.

They finished off by asking would I be willing to take a contact number. I said I wouldn’t and the man said he would phone me when I get back to Ireland.

Then before I left they said they would trust me to keep this meeting to myself. They said of course I could go tell my friends whose names I don’t know about it but that would be unadvisable for me. (This and when they talked about plain cloths stopping me in Newry where they only two threats, in general it was a softy softy approach). Also told me to have a long think about the "business plan" while I was away.

The airport security then took me back up because it was 5pm and flight boarded at 5.20”

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement applaud this man for coming forward despite the veiled threats by the RUC/PSNI and we would urge any other victims of these approaches to lodge a statement with their solicitor and to go public.

It is obvious that the RUC/PSNI knew the answer to the questions they posed as the 32 County Sovereignty Movement is an open and legal organisation and information on things like strategy and their National Executive would not be hard for the RUC/PSNI to come by. There is little doubt that the objective of the RUC/PSNI was to encourage this man to tell them readily available information in the hope of cultivating him for the future.

The 32CSM reiterate that we are not the political wing of any armed organisation and our policies and strategies are our own, should the British Government or anyone else seek clarification on our position they need only contact us.