Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Press release on normalisation

The removal of the remaining British troops from Bessbrook is not a "vindication for Sinn Feins peace strategy" and a victory for Irish republicanism as is being proclaimed, but rather it is a further victory for British governmental policy in Ireland - a policy which is condemning further generations to conflict.

The BBC stated that "the move is a step in Northern Irelands normalisation programme in response to the [P]IRA's declared end to its activities".

This normalistaion programme has been British policy in Ireland since the 1970's and has always been opposed by Irish republicans meaning it could not be implemented until now. With this in mind what the BBC statement is saying is that the British are now able to implement this policy as a result of the capitulation and surrender of the provisional movement.
Despite their confidence we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are in no doubt that republican resistance will force them to once again drop their facade of normality and expose the occupation for what it is.

Britain still maintains its illegal claim to sovereignty over the 6 counties and this claim is recognised by all the constitutional parties in Ireland. The British army can be returned at any time to aid the 'civil power' and defend the status quo. But even if they were not all that has happened is that the occupation is taking a new outward and 'acceptable' form which they hope will make it all the more effective and this new form of occupation will still be defended by a heavily armed paramilitary police force and an intelligence apparatus which is entrenching itself more than ever in the north.

Republicans must work together to build unity on shared principles and in doing so come up with a viable alternative to British parliamentary activity in Ireland. With this in mind we in the 32CSM have recently released a document entitled "Preparing An Irish Democracy" which we hope can be the first step on this road. We would encourage everyone to read it and engage with us and others in building a new alternative to the failed politics of partition, an alternative which can lead us to our objective of a Socialist Republic.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh