Thursday, 25 December 2008

Protest for Michael Campbell at Lithuanian Embassy - report‏

On Saturday 13th of December republicans from the South Armagh and North Louth areas travelled to Dublin for the second in a planned series of public protests outside the Lithuanian embassy in Dublin . The protest was held to highlight the dreadful conditions in which Faughart man Michael Campbell is being effectively held as a political hostage in a Lithuanian jail without charge for over 10 months now .

To recap on the issues raised in an IRPWA appeal in the Examiner a few weeks ago , Michael is being held in unsafe and unsanitary conditions in a crowded cell with a broken window with no charges laid against him in Lithuania following his arrest while on holiday at the apparent urging of the British intelligence services .

Michael has been consistently denied visits from either family or friends over the past 10 months , who are also barred from attending any court hearings in this case . A family member who travelled to Vilnius in an attempt to attend a court hearing was removed from the court at the insistence of the chief prosecutor. Apart from legal visits from his lawyer he is effectively being held incommunicado with no charges laid against him and bail denied . The only contact permitted with the outside world is by letter , with even phone contact with his family banned by the Lithuanian authorities . The prison food is largely inedible .

Last Saturdays protest against the manner in which Michael Campbell is being held and the denial of his rights was attended by approximately 40 republicans , including the 32 County Sovereignty Movement , Irish Republican Socialist Party and other non aligned concerned republicans and ex political prisoners . Placards highlighting Michaels plight were prominently displayed and received a great deal of interest from Dubliners in the area of Ballsbridges embassy quarter .

Further protests are planned for the new year , the next in January where it is expected the numbers attending will be even greater as republicans from a variety of backgrounds step up the campaign on Michaels behalf and escalate their successful activity to date . In recent weeks there has also been a protest outside the Lithuanian embassy in Sweden and a letter writing campaign from both Ireland and the USA protesting directly to the Lithuanian authorities at the disgraceful conditions they are holding Michael in without charge and denying him even phone contact with his family . Such conditions are an absolute disgrace and republicans intend to make it as clear as they can to the Lithuanian authorities that its unacceptable to treat an Irishman in this manner .

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association in South Armagh take this opportunity to once more appeal to all republicans in South Armagh to do whatever they can in the coming months to assist this campaign for justice for Michael Campbell and to make their support known at the upcoming protests at the Lithuanian embassy in the New Year , the time and date of which will be advertised in due course .

Is mise le meas ,

Kevin Murphy
South Armagh IRPWA.

Friday, 28 November 2008

RUC Special Branch attempt to recruit South Armagh 32CSM member in London.

32 County Sovereignty Movement

RUC/PSNI Special Branch attempt to recruit South Armagh 32CSM member in London

The attempts by MI5 and RUC/PSNI Special Branch to recruit informers inside the 32 County Sovereignty Movement continue at pace. A member of the movement from South Armagh was detained in Gatwick Airport on Wednesday while waiting for a connecting flight to the Maldives.
In a statement the member detailed what happened,

“I flew to Gatwick. Checked in for flight to Maldives at about 3.40pm. While my bag was being put through security I thought someone was looking at me and on a walkie talkie though I put it down to paranoia. I walked around the shopping area of Gatwick and about 5 minutes after sitting down was approached by airport security who asked to see my passport and ticket and said it was routine check. He said to wait where I was while he ran the check and he stood out of earshot on the phone. He then returned and said that there was a problem and that I would have to accompany him. At that stage a tall English man with glasses came who didn’t identify himself and who I don’t think was airport security and I was led to a private room and told to wait. The English man left with my stuff. While sitting there the airport security man informed me that two police officers had travelled over from Ireland and wanted to talk to me. At this stage it was about 4.20ish I think. There was a knock at the door and the security guy was called out.

Two members of RUC then entered and introduced themselves as "John" and "Dawn". They said they wanted to have a chat and thought I would be able to help them. I said I didn’t think I would to which they replied “we will see”

"John" did 80% of the talking. They said that they had no intention of keeping me from my flight though if I co operated I would get out quicker.

They said that they where not interested in anything other than the 32CSM and what its strategy was. I said that that was available for anyone to see online and was public. they said they believed that the public strategy differs from the real strategy and that I would be in a position to know the real strategy. If I could help them with that then I could help save lives as it would enable them to understand where the 32CSM "and associates" are coming from. He said there could be a compromise made then said compromise was the wrong word but something could be reached where there would be no need for killing anymore but they would be able to do this easier if they were aware of where the movement was coming from.

The above question about the strategy was the one they asked most times. I think possibly 15 or so times. Each time I said the same, that it could be found online in our documents.

They asked who wrote the documents and was behind the strategy. I said I don’t know. They then immediately asked who runs the website and do I help at all in running it or with anything online. I said no.

They then began asking me who I have contact with. I said I did’t know any names. They kept asking so I just said I am not telling them anything. Why they asked, I said it is a legitimate organisation and I don’t have to tell them anything. They then said some of those associated with it are not legitimate and have bad intentions. I said I wouldn’t know anything about that. They then asked do I believe there is joint membership between the 32CSM/RIRA. I said I have no idea to be honest because no one would tell me if they where. They then said they are sure I know but wouldn’t push it further.

They asked me do I know any "associates" of the 32CSM from south Armagh. I said I have no idea. They asked who I sold papers with. I said I don’t know. They said that it is odd I lived in South Armagh all my life and didn’t know these people.

They then asked do I know anyone from the South Down area. I said I know nobody from there. They laughed and said am I truthfully saying that and to think clearly as we all know who they are talking about. they then said as I told them I know no one from South Down they know I am "telling them fibs".

The above questions are mainly what they kept asking over and over, telling me its getting close to my flight time and I should help them out.

They kept asking questions about how I would feel if some of my family or an innocent person was killed and i could have stopped that. all they where expecting of me was what would be expected off any law abiding citizen. They talked about the 4 cops who died in the car crash and said there was outrage over that so imagine if a cop was killed.

3/4 of the time was spend playing this general line to me about civic duty and helping save lives. When they saw it wasn’t doing anything they then took another line:

They said that I should consider setting up a "business plan" with them and it might be beneficial. I said no. They said when I returned that maybe one day I might want a house of my own and that they could help me out with that - all I needed to do is tell them what they wanted. I said I don’t need any help and am perfectly fine - they said that might not always be the way. they also said they would be able to protect me.

They told me that they had been watching me for some time and believed I knew much more than I let on - if I didn’t why would they have came all the way to England and wasted time and money to talk to me. They said that they where thinking of me by stopping me in Gatwick where I would be relaxed as I was going on holiday - they said there was many times they could have stopped me in Newry and that they would have been able to have got plain cloths PSNI to stop and search me every time they saw me. but they didn’t.

They repeated the same questions a few more times and then said they would end the meeting as I wasn’t being forward and truthful with me but to have a think of it over the next few weeks. They asked when I would return I said two weeks.

They finished off by asking would I be willing to take a contact number. I said I wouldn’t and the man said he would phone me when I get back to Ireland.

Then before I left they said they would trust me to keep this meeting to myself. They said of course I could go tell my friends whose names I don’t know about it but that would be unadvisable for me. (This and when they talked about plain cloths stopping me in Newry where they only two threats, in general it was a softy softy approach). Also told me to have a long think about the "business plan" while I was away.

The airport security then took me back up because it was 5pm and flight boarded at 5.20”

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement applaud this man for coming forward despite the veiled threats by the RUC/PSNI and we would urge any other victims of these approaches to lodge a statement with their solicitor and to go public.

It is obvious that the RUC/PSNI knew the answer to the questions they posed as the 32 County Sovereignty Movement is an open and legal organisation and information on things like strategy and their National Executive would not be hard for the RUC/PSNI to come by. There is little doubt that the objective of the RUC/PSNI was to encourage this man to tell them readily available information in the hope of cultivating him for the future.

The 32CSM reiterate that we are not the political wing of any armed organisation and our policies and strategies are our own, should the British Government or anyone else seek clarification on our position they need only contact us.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Aidan Hulme Latest


The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association (IRPWA)welcome the latest development in the Aidan Hulme campaign whereby the Prison Governor in Portlaoise Gaol has agreed with the prisoners and Aidan that the OC and Adjutant will be allowed access to accompany Aidan when he is visited by a doctor or when visited by the Governor.

Today (15/10/08) such a visit took place and it is confirmed that gangrene is not present in Aidan’s foot rather the symptoms are a result of a severe infection for which Aidan is now being treated.

Staff from the hospital will now visit Aidan to clean the infected areas of his foot and renew dressings to prevent further spread of infection.

An assurance is also given that Aidan will have a consultant assessment before the end of the month and an agreed care plan is being implemented and developed. This will allow for a proper consultant led care management package.

This positive and jointly agreed approach to Aidan’s welfare will ensure early intervention in the event of deterioration and will allow for continuous monitoring of his condition.

The negative effects of the medication will also be closely monitored and with Aidan’s agreement can be reduced depending on his individual needs at any given time.

The IRPWA on behalf of the POW’s would like at this time to thank most sincerely the many people who moved to support Aidan in his time of need and to those who sent greetings.

We would like to extend this thanks to other republican organisations who pledged their support and advice to ensure that Aidan received immediate professional intervention.

Aidan is indeed most grateful for all the support he has received and extends his heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved.

Marion Price


Saturday, 20 September 2008

IRA Statement

This statement was issued anonymously to The Sovereign Nation:

Óglaigh na hÉireann September 2008

The Leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann, after liaising with our volunteers in the South Armagh area, can categorically deny any involvement in the planting of what has been described in the media as a 100 pound bomb in the village of Jonesborough.

We would question the events surrounding this 'discovery’ and its timing. It is our opinion that this may be nothing more than an exercise in black propaganda and that those responsible for leaving this device may have been attempting to divert attention from the debacle at the British parliament in Stormont. At a more local level, the feeling among republicans is that it may also have been an attempt to divert attention from local difficulties such as the murder of Paul Quinn.
Óglaigh na hÉireann do not leave bombs in full view of the public, for local children to play with nor for the likes of Willie Frazer to stumble upon.

We would also ask certain 'community representatives' to look at their own history with regards to such actions before lecturing others.

Óglaigh na hÉireann will not be deflected by such obvious diversionary tactics and we will remain focussed on the task at hand.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Sovereign Nation August/September 08

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Whilst The Occupation Remains, Resistance Will Remain

The revelations that the people of Derry City are to be petitioned in order to put pressure on Anti Agreement Republican Separatists to disband is disingenuous in the extreme and smacks not only of political opportunism but also no small measure of desperation.

It is clear that those behind this political stunt are using the understandable anger in the community at the murder of Emmet Sheils to further their own political objectives, namely an end to opposition to support for the RUC/PSNI and the British Administration in Stormont.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement will not be deflected from our political work by such ill conceived political posturing nor will any other Anti Agreement Republican groupings.

Those who have sought to ferment community tensions by deliberately and falsely attributing blame for the murder of Emmet Sheils will be exposed for what they are as will their cynical use of his death for their own narrow agenda. Republicans will not be intimidated from upholding the Republican position and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are resolute in our intention to continue our work in Derry City and across the nation.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement are attracting disillusioned and disenfranchised Republicans right across Ireland and further a field as are other Republican organisations and the cynical manipulation of this tragic event illustrates how low Pro State Nationalists will go to undermine this growth, they will fail.

We note also the presence of the so called Deputy First Minister in Iraq. Just recently the same Minister greeted the US President to the Six Counties without a whimper of protest from him against the occupation and wholesale slaughter in that country. This reluctance to petition for protest against these blatant injustices is at least consistent with their equal reluctance to petition for protest against other high profile murders here because they do not afford him the same opportunity for cheap political kudos

The Irish Resistance Movement will not be forced to disband and anyone endeavouring to do so is not only naïve but is also acting in a dangerous manner. Attempts to foster a civil war mentality will also fail as all previous attempts have done.
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement have this pledge to make to Republicans,
While the British Occupation remains so too will Irish Resistance to that Occupation

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sovereign Nation April/May 2008

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Monday, 24 March 2008

Bugging Device Found

A sophisticated bugging and tracking device has been unearthed in the vehicle of a member of the Dublin 32 County Sovereignty Movement. The device was secreted internally into the dashboard of the vehicle and was equipped with its own self contained power supply. The manner by which the device was installed strongly suggests that those who planted it took considerable time to effect this and was obviously professionally done. The device bears English Manufacturing Labels but as of yet it is uncertain whether it originates from a British, Irish or joint British/Irish intelligence source. Suffice to say that the unearthing of yet another intelligence gathering device clearly illustrates that the war against those who articulate the right of the Irish people to National Sovereignty continues in government(s)circles. The individual 32CSM member involved has sought legal advice on the matter. The 32CSM reiterates our call for all republicans to be diligent in the face of these insidious attempts to undermine the republican struggle. British Parliamentary activity in Ireland takes many forms.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Nationalist parties give go ahead for British police offensive

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement views with deep anger this weeks dramatic upsurge in offensive operations by the British police directed at nationalist districts across the 6 occupied counties. It is clear to us the swamping of working class nationalist housing estates, roads and rural districts in south Armagh, Newry and Derry city since Saturday evening accompanied by low flying helicopters, aggressive searching, patrolling and surveillance by heavily armed British policemen is a direct result of the public statement in the week prior to Christmas by Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and SDLP leader Mark Durkan. These constitutional nationalist political leaders openly criticised the PSNI for failing to arrest and jail republican activists in sufficient numbers, giving the British the green light to pursue its aggressive armed incursions within our communities.

This disgraceful public statement was accompanied by an unprecedented and prolonged campaign of propaganda emanating from the constitutional nationalist media, politicians and British intelligence services seeking to demonise and criminalise republican activists. The nationalist political establishment at Stormont have clearly signalled to the British their support and compliance for offensive operations within republican heartlands. The responsibility for the British forces activities in our districts this week lies as surely with them as it does in MI5's Holywood base.

These counter insurgent operations from Derry to Newry are also clearly not directed at any one group in particular but against working class nationalist and republican communities in general as a show of strength by the British police encouraged and openly egged on by nationalist political leaders. No republican can give their support to this activity by the British forces in Ireland, a foreign occupying force showing its true counter insurgent colours and hostility to traditionally republican working class communities. The PSNIs role is the RUC's and RIC's role - Defence of the Realm and the suppression and criminalisation of all opposition to British state institutions in Ireland. That is the purpose of their invasion of our districts in the last 4 days

We are also mindful that the response of your youth to this armed offensive against their districts by the British police has, as always, not been found wanting. The 32CSM recognise and salute their ongoing resistance to the British forces this week and regard any calls by local politicians for their neighbours to inform on them to the British as utterly despicable. Our youth are our future and their instinctive response to these armed incursions by the British into their districts is a source of pride to many.

We take this opportunity again to make it clear that the republican struggle for national sovereignty will neither be criminalised nor defeated by the British state and its hangers on within the constitutional nationalist political leadership class. The PSNI are a force of British occupation in our country and its is they who are the criminals, not those republicans who oppose their illegal presence and the crime of partition in Ireland. Finally we express our solidarity with those who have been arrested and call on all republicans regardless of party allegiance to stand side by side in comradeship against these attempts to criminalise and subdue not only our struggle but the very communities from which we draw our strength, solidarity and support.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Sucessful Protest held

The 32CSM held a successful protest outside the offices of the Irish News in Belfast (26/1/08) demonstrating against articles written by the newspaper which form part of an overall criminalisation policy against Irish republicans.

The following is an interview that evening on Radio Free Éireann that evening with 32 County Sovereignty Movement director of publicity Andy Martin:

The following is some photos taken at the protest:

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Protest against criminalisation Saturday 26th January

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement urge all republicans to support a protest against criminalisation planned for Saturday 26th January at the offices of The Irish News 113-117 Donegal Street Belfast at 3pm.

A dangerous new trend has developed in recent weeks whereby some elements within the media have attempted to criminalise those republicans who have rejected the British administration in Stormont. The Irish News has been particularly active in this new role as MI5 mouthpieces rather than an impartial representative of nationalist opinion. The editorial team in this once credible paper have taken to their new role with great relish to the point of publishing outlandish stories supposedly taken from unnamed and unsubstantiated ‘sources’ and then refusing Irish Republican Separatists any print space in order to counter these ludicrous creations.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement believe that it is imperative that the actions of The Irish News do not go unchallenged as it is our opinion that such attempts at criminalisation are a pre cursor to a new crackdown on anti agreement republicanism.
This crackdown has been called for by the main nationalist parties through the pages of this paper and this line has been faithfully parroted by Irish News editorials.
As it is clear that no republican in Ireland can receive a fair trial and that the British intelligence services and their agents are up to their necks in attempting to frame republican separatists we would ask the Irish News how exactly republicans should be dealt with?

The Irish News has put itself firmly on the side of the British political administration in Ireland, not alone by attempting to recruit young nationalists in to the British army and police through their situations vacant pages but also by putting themselves and some of their staff at the disposal of the British security services.
The Irish News must be in a position to prove the veracity of their stories and we call on them to do so. We also call on them to cease their practise of adopting a partisan political position in defence of the British administration in Ireland and to give republican separatism a right to reply to criminalisation attempts emanating from MI5.

These are issues which impact upon all republicans not just those within the 32 County Sovereignty Movement as it is not just our organisations that are being criminalised but the whole republican separatist position.

Fight criminalisation
Fight censorship

Sunday, 20 January 2008

New National Website Launched

Following on from our AGM in December '07 the National Executive of the 32CSM has commenced the task of implementing the decisions of our membership. First amongst these is the development of our internet organisation at National, International and Local level. We hereby announce the launching of our new National Website which will assist us in the parallel process of building our organisation for the coming year.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Beware Black Propaganda.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement urge all republicans to be wary of black propaganda emanating from within the British intelligence services as evidenced in the lead story of The Jan 16th issue of The Irish News.

The 32CSM have every faith that the republican base will see such stories for what they are, a clear attempt to criminalise and demonise the wider republican movement in advance of a possible reintroduction of some form of internment in the six counties.

The media in recent weeks has carried a number of reports from the constitutional nationalists, policing board and the leadership of the RUC/PSNI stating the need to deal with the ‘dissidents’ as a matter of urgency. Many such leaders have pointed out the success of the Dublin government in dealing with republicans. We believe this is all choreographed and may be the first move in introducing legislation similar to that in the twenty six counties that allows republicans to be interned of the word of a senior garda alone. We believe that either new legislation will be used or that the British will enact existing legislation such as the ‘anti terror’ legislation that was recently cobbled together to intern Muslims in Britain.

Republicans are of the opinion that the ‘exclusive’ in The Irish News has been place by elements within MI5 in order to make moves to introduce such legislation more palatable to the wider nationalist community. Sunday tabloid style sensationalism on the front page of The Irish News is a part of the choreography

Attempts to link Óglaigh na hÉireann to drug dealers and loyalists is an exercise in barrel scrapping which will not fool a single person who has any knowledge of the use of black propaganda in the conflict in Ireland.

We would also advise republicans to be vigilant at this time as such a story may have another sinister purpose. It is possible that this story has been planted in advance of moves to eliminate members of the republican movement and then to write it off as simply a fall out between criminals, thus absolving the British and their pro Stormont allies from any blame.

Finally we would question why not one member of the republican movement was contacted in advance of this story to check its veracity and when did the Irish News begin to use unnamed ‘sources’ to build stories around and then present them as fact. The onus is now on The Irish News to prove their allegations or to risk being viewed as tools of the British intelligence services, whether willingly or otherwise.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Óglaigh na hÉireann New Year's Statement

The leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann send new year’s greetings to all our friends and supporters both nationally and internationally. We also extend special greetings to our volunteers who have remained faithful to their oath and to their constitution, and to all POW's who have stood resolute in the face of the on-going criminalisation process in Maghaberry and Free State internment in Portlaoise. Our thoughts are with you and your families at this time, you remain an inspiration to the republican base.

Once again the constitutional nationalist and establishment parties are attempting to sell the lie that the RUC/PSNI are a civic police force, the IRA stand by our assertion, and this has been borne out by recent events, that the RUC/PSNI are primarily a political police force whose primary function is to protect British interests in Ireland. It is for this reason that the IRA have carried out a number of attacks against the British police in Ireland, these attacks will continue.

Óglaigh na hÉireann advise political and community leaders to desist from the practice of assisting, and urging others to assist the RUC/PSNI, those who do so are clearly making the choice to align themselves with the enemy. The repercussions of assisting the enemy are clear and those who do so bear full responsibility for any action that may be taken against them.

The last year has seen a marked increase in the activities of MI5 inspired counter gangs masquerading as republicans, these gangs will be seen for what they are by the republican base and their attempts to bring the republican movement into disrepute will not be tolerated. Such counter gangs exist to sow discord and confusion within republicanism. It is also clear that such groups are behind an increase in sectarian attacks across the six counties, sectarianism is anathema to republicanism and serves the interests of British imperialism in Ireland, not the republican position.

Óglaigh na hÉireann exist to defend the republic and we reject all British attempts to implement the long held policy of Ulsterisation, criminalisation and Normalisation. The Irish Republican Army will continue to carry out armed attacks against the British military and political apparatus in Ireland and those who assist in anyway their illegal occupation