Sunday, 30 December 2007

32 County Sovereignty Movement 2008 New Year Statement

32 County Sovereignty Movement

2008 New Year Statement

In extending New Years greetings to the Irish people at home and abroad let us reflect on the past year to help us move forward in the new. We extend also greetings to all republican prisoners of war (POW’S) who find themselves incarcerated in gaol because of an intransigent British Government who are unwilling to engage with the Irish people unless they are addressing a British agenda. From our perspective the Republican Unity Initiative formed a major plank of our strategic efforts to advance the restoration of our National Sovereignty. The 32CSM approached this vital area in an incremental manner so as to maximize inclusivity amongst other republican organizations. We deliberately chose a private route to engagement with other republicans given the British and media efforts to deliberately misrepresent what the Republican Unity Initiative was trying to achieve. We first circulated a discussion document simply titled Republican Unity to give a degree of focus to a debate which was already well underway within the broad republican base. As interest in the initiative grew and formal meetings were arranged the 32CSM put forward a proposal titled Preparing An Irish Democracy which was intended to act as a mechanism within which all republican organizations could collectively draft a republican blueprint of the independent Ireland we envisaged. Reaction to the initiative was predictably cautious but the mixed to poor result showing in what was ostensibly a referendum on British Policing in Ireland conclusively demonstrated that Irish republicanism needs a political initiative to move it on from its inert state. On the back of an IRSM proposal a Unity Commemoration was held at Bodenstown to honour Wolfe Tone which was widely received as a very positive development.

To augment our existing proposals and to build on this positivity the 32CSM now launch Dismantling Partition, A Unified Republican Approach.. Here we outline where and how we believe this project should develop. We introduce timeframes and achievable goals coupled with a realistic appraisal of our current strengths. But as with our previous proposals the 32CSM strongly urge a parallel response from other republicans so as to make the Republican Unity Initiative truly representative of the broad republican family. 2008 will offer republicans an opportunity to both consolidate and advance our goals and the 32CSM herein publicly declare our intention of working tirelessly to achieve this end.

The 32CSM strongly believes in political engagement with our opponents. We have sought this engagement on a number of fronts but focused squarely around the issue of our national sovereignty. Through this engagement we have sought to advise that national sovereignty is not confined to the national question as that pertains to partition but to all other questions of national concern. Issues such as Shell To Sea and the Save Tara project are all urgent matters of national sovereignty and as such are deserving of intense republican involvement. The impending EU Constitution referendum in the twenty six counties is one such issue that deserves republican attention. Whether it is called Constitution, Treaty or whatever its essential components remain the same. The 32CSM communicated with a variety of republican and nationalist organizations with a view to citing Partition as valid grounds for its rejection. We circulated Six Points of Objection that we believed could form the basis of a strong separatist No Campaign without alienating other valid objections which may also exist. The 32CSM will be pursuing this correspondence in 2008 seeking definitive responses to our circular.

Following on from our AGM in December the incoming National Executive will be tasked with implementing the changes and policies mandated by that AGM. These will include political policies as outlined above, organizational changes and proposals for updating our print and electronic publications as well as the launch of our newly revamped website. We look forward to the challenges we have set ourselves.

Again we have it demonstrated that British Policing in Ireland will never change no matter what titles are invoked and no matter how many token nationalists sit on token Policing Boards. The Hoey debacle laid bare both the unchanging nature of British policing and the facile arguments from those who would plead with us that it can.

Notwithstanding the importance of these issues and their relevance to Irish republicanism the 32CSM is of the firm belief that the most salient issue which will face republicans in the coming year will be the issue of criminalisation. We say this because those in the driving seat of this policy are Provisional Sinn Fein, acting under obligation to the agreements which they entered into with both governments. History, both ancient and modern, has taught us that the occupier will always covet an indigenous political voice to do its dirty work. PSF have stepped into this breech. Following recent acts of armed insurgency there came an almost panicked response from the PSF leadership. They publicly called for informers to be activated against insurgent forces claiming a lack of electoral mandate invalidated their right to rebel. The glaring hypocrisy of this stance was designed to distract republicans from the fact that it was political challenges to the PSF position which forced this outburst and not merely criticism of them.

We have sought engagement with PSF since 2005 wherein the 32CSM were greeted with duplicity, subterfuge and lies. Our persistence however has been rewarded with the political exposure as to exactly what signing the Good Friday Agreement entails for them. Whereas political criticism theorizes, political challenges demonstrate. These challenges must continue, and emanate from broader quarters, because the resources behind the criminalisation policy far exceed the resources of those whom the policy is directed against. As before when the British government were the direct vanguard for this policy manipulation, deceit and murder were the hallmarks of this campaign. Coupled with a media who afford republicans scant exposure to air our views the only resources open to Irish republicanism are those which we already possess and the argument for republican cooperation on this issue is self evident. The policy of criminalisation will pay scant heed to technical differences of position amongst us as it seeks a broad labeling for those opposed to the current political direction.

The emergence of seemingly new armed groups making threats of a kind which give succor to the PSF call for informers is yet another dimension of this dirty war. All of this requires a political response from Irish republicans which removes any semblance of cover or distraction for any group pursuing the criminalisation agenda. There can be no place within republicanism for a civil war mentality. Such a mentality is a British device. The 32CSM response is first and foremost a call on PSF to forward to us their alleged written response to our Submission to them in 2005 and for them to outline the lawful basis upon which they call for informers to be activated against those who struggle against British Parliamentary activity in our country. We respond also by seeking engagement with other republicans on the national issues which are relevant to our struggle. And we respond by stating that we will never allow the republican struggle to be criminalized no matter how treacherous the status of those who would try.

Sunday, 2 December 2007


The 32 County Sovereignty Movement yesterday released a national issue of our newsletter Beir Bua. It contained the following article:

The 32CSM offers political analysis to the Irish people and to republicans in particular, concerning the strategic development and direction of politics on this island. In discharging this role we would like to draw attention to particular patterns of political manoeuvring aimed at criminalising republicans.

All republicans and most Sinn Fein supporters would agree that during the pre-1994 phase of the war, the IRA had a reputation for telling the truth and shouldering responsibility, even when that meant facing political difficulties. The British, however, were quick to tell lies and cover-up their military and dirty tricks operations. They were experts at conducting misinformation campaigns and legal whitewashes when the weight of evidence became too much.
The key difference between the IRA’s approach to truth-telling and the British Government’s approach was that the IRA had no material interest in the Six County political establishment; they were not concerned about the jobs or reputations of politicians or what the next milk-round of funding might bring.

Since 1994, republicans have been asked to swallow lie after lie as the compromised, corrupt leadership of the Provisional movement busied themselves with the task of administering British rule in Ireland while at the same time feathering their personal nests, be it holiday homes in the Free State or property portfolios abroad. There seems little need to rehearse the list of lies about decommissioning, Stormont, or internal settlements. Most people are also aware of the cover-up lies and spin doctoring that accompanied the killing of, Joe O’Connor, Paul Quinn and others. And who can forget the desperate flurry of lies following the Columbia 3 affair and the Northern Bank robbery. Add to this such dirty tricks as the use of the Red Hand Defender codeword to claim the killing of Ex Pow Barney McDonald in Dungannon and the ongoing process of sending themselves bullets in the post and only one conclusion is possible: the transformation from revolutionary republicans to reactionary British ministers is complete.

For the record, republicans have nothing to gain from threatening or attacking Sinn Fein members, indeed, it would be a counterproductive exercise. Examples of this was the despicable attempts by Gerry Adams to try and blame republicans for the death of Martin Meehan. Weather or not these threats exist is another story, if they did they were wrong and republicans would have nothing to do with them. The mysterious saga of how bullets in the post obligingly turn up every time Sinn Fein needs to divert attention or gain sympathy is best understood by asking yourself the question: Who benefits? It’s certainly not ‘dissidents’ and probably not even loyalists. There is a possibility that MI5 is behind the operation as their interests are best served by a well-bonded Sinn Fein united against (imaginary) external threats. However, if this were true, it would effectively be a matter of one branch of the British Government sending bullets via the Royal Mail to another branch of the British Government. Stranger things have happened.

At present, the 32CSM is concerned that this pattern of devious political behaviour is discernable in attempts to criminalise republicans. The recent use of the cover-name the “Irish Republican Liberation Army” to spuriously claim an IRA operation and to issue threats to Sinn Fein is worrying. Information in the possession of the 32CSM strongly suggests that the IRLA label has been devised by a few loosely linked criminal gangs in the Strabane, E-Tyrone and Belfast areas. The 32csm would like to disassociate ourselves from the following individuals and their activities; Frank Nolan and Joe Clarke (Dublin), Paddy Fox and Kevin Sutton (E-Tyrone), Ben Brady and Ben Stewart (Strabane) these people are in no way connected with the republican movement.
The activity of these individuals serves the combined interests of Sinn Fein and broader British establishment, including MI5. Whatever their agenda is, it is not a republican one and it should be noted that they have done nothing to challenge British rule either militarily or politically. Another gang, claiming to be members of the Official IRA recently attacked an anti-drugs republican activist in Bundoran. These individuals were protecting the interests of loyalist and criminal drugs dealing network that the 32CSM had uncovered along the border.

The obstacles facing republicans are enormous but we are determined to surmount them and to rebuild the strength of the movement. We have tried to show in this article that careful analysis of the techniques of our enemies is crucial to counteracting their attempts to criminalise and ultimately destroy republicanism.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

IRA Statement on Newry Attack

This statement was delivered anonymously to The Sovereign Nation:

"Óglaigh na hÉireann claim responsibility for planting a small explosive device near the Cenotaph in Newry on Sunday 11th November.
This device was positioned in such a way so as not to cause injury to civilians. This step was taken as we had observed the RUC/PSNI failing to evacuate those in the vicinity of bomb alerts in the past, so too with this incident.
Some elements have attempted to play down this attack however this device was neither crude nor contained fireworks but detonated in the manner we intended.
This operation was carried out in response to a campaign by the British colonial police to disrupt republican commemorations and harass those in attandance.
Until the Crown forces cease preventing republicans from honouring Ireland's dead and until our POWs are no longer placed in punishment blocks for wearing republican symbols at Easter, we reserve the right to carry out such attacks in the future"

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

South Armagh 32CSM deny anti agreement republican involvement in Quinn murder.

The South Armagh branch of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement have been made aware of a whispering campaign in the area insinuating that anti agreement republicans may have been involved in the brutal murder of Cullyhana man Paul Quinn on Saturday 20th October. Following discussions with members of the republican movement in the area The 32 County Sovereignty Movement can categorically deny any republican involvement in this crime. The attempt to apportion blame to anti agreement republicanism is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to try and deflect attention from the real perpetrators and an attempt to sully the name of republican separatism. Thankfully the people of Cullyhana and surrounding areas are aware of the truth behind these baseless rumours.

South Armagh has long been respected as a place of resistance to English law and its freedom fighters are rightfully lauded throughout the world. Those that carried out the hideous murder of Paul Quinn have nothing in common with our noble tradition and whatever law they thought they were upholding it was certainly not republican law nor the will of the people.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Boycott Crossmaglen policing meeting

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement call on the people of South Armagh to boycott the upcoming DPP meeting which is to be held in Crossmaglen on september 4th.

The DPP is nothing more than a public relations stunt aimed at fooling people into believing that the RUC/PSNI can be held accountable and in the process getting them to accept British policing in Ireland. The fact is that the only people the RUC are accountable to is the British government.

The RUC/PSNI is an illegal police force tasked with upholding Britain's illegal sovereign claim over a part of Ireland and denying the Irish people their democratic right to freedom and independence. While the issue of national sovereignty remains unsettled British policing will remain political policing and no republican should support such a force.

It is also a slap on the face that this meeting is to be held in Crossmaglen a town where once no member of the crown forces could be safe. It is exactly because of Crossmaglen's republican reputation that this meeting is being held there, the rational being that if it goes ahead without incident then it should be no problem holding these meetings in other parts of South Armagh in the future.

Throughout the conflict the people of South Armagh have suffered injustice and oppression at the hands of the Crown forces. They have been tortured, imprisoned and lost family and friends yet have remained unbroken. We call on them to retain their spirit of resistance and to not allow themselves to be bought off or co opted into accepting the occupation as the constitutional nationalist parties have been.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Thursday, 23 August 2007

I.R.A. claim double bomb attack

The following is a statement given to a Newry paper by a spokesperson for Óglaigh na hÉireann (whom the media refer to as the Real IRA) and forwarded anonymously to a member of the editorial board of The Sovereign Nation.

"On Sunday 15th July an active service unit of Óglaigh na hÉireann planted a bomb in the Upper Fathom Road area of Newry in the vicinity of the railway line. A booby trapped anti personnel device was also left in the area with the intention of killing members of the RUC/PSNI, only they know how lucky they were. We reiterate our call to civilians to keep their distance from crown force personnel and facilities as more IRA attacks are imminent"

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

British police force cannot deliver the rights of citizens

The statement by Sinn Fein councillor Terry Hearty that "it is the responsibility of the police to give the community in Crossmaglen the policing service that it is entitled to and uphold the rights of citizens" is an extremely misleading comment on his part as the above will not and indeed cannot be delivered by a British police force in Ireland.

This assertion shows one of two things on his part. He is either unaware of the nature of the RUC/PSNI and the role that they play or else he is deliberately attempting to mislead the people of South Armagh, something which is clearly illustrated by a closer examination of his comments.

He claims that the RUC can uphold the rights of the citizens of Crossmaglen, but what about their right to national sovereignty free from British interference? From what he has said it must be concluded that he believes that the RUC can uphold this right and if this is not the case then he must be of the opinion that the Irish people do not have such a right. His own words leave open no other option and he should make clear immediately which of the above he does in fact uphold.

In relation to a policing service which the people deserve, we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are of the opinion that the people of South Armagh are entitled to an all Ireland police service as part of a free and independent Ireland. We also think that the people of South Armagh have struggled too hard and suffered too much at the hands of the crown forces to be told that one section of those crown forces, the RUC/PSNI is what we deserve for our efforts and it is shameful that anyone could make such a claim.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Anti-Social Behaviour a Pretext for British Policing.

PRESS RELEASE: 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Anti-Social Behaviour a Pretext for British Policing.

Provisional Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy has today led a delegation to meet with the RUC/PSNI in Newry to "discuss anti social behaviour" in the South Armagh area. This is part of a choreographed move on the part of Sinn Fein to bring the British Police force into the South Armagh area and anti social behaviour is being used as a convenient vehicle to do so.

During this past week it was seen as "necessary" to invite the RUC to a residents meeting in the village of Meigh to deal with anti social behaviour yet the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has been assured by several local residents that the village is quieter than it has been in many years. With this in mind it can only be concluded that this whole move by Sinn Féin is politically motivated rather than being done in the intrests of or driven by any genuine concern for local people.

In relation to today’s meeting in Newry Conor Murphy himself has stated that it is "essential that communities get the policing service that they are entitled to" adding that "a critical engagement between republican communities and the PSNI can help bring this about".

As members of the South Armagh community we would like to ask Conor Murphy the following. As part of this process will he demand that the community which he speaks for be urged to inform on republican separatists alleged to have been behind the planting of bombs in his constituency last week and will any further acts of resistance against the occupying forces be seen as acts of criminality? Sinn Féin needs to make their position on this clear to the people.

Murphy also stated that Sinn Féin wanted "to see the local community and criminal justice agencies, especially the PSNI, working together to ensure that people could live in peace and safety, free from intimidation, threat or violence."

As republicans the contradiction in the above quote is glaringly obvious. The RUC is the armed wing of the 6 county state and for many years has used intimidation threat and violence to maintain the illegal British presence in Ireland. Its primary function is to defend the status quo and it will no doubt continue to use such means in future against those who challenge this. As this challenge will inevitably come from republican separatists how is it possible that the RUC can offer any republican community "peace and safety, free from intimidation, threat or violence"?

Hopefully Conor Murphy can show the republicans in his constituency the same respect he now shows to the crown forces and address these concerns.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Sovereign Nation

The latest edition of the Sovereign Nation can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the cover below which will open it or by right clicking and saving to your desktop.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Press release on normalisation

The removal of the remaining British troops from Bessbrook is not a "vindication for Sinn Feins peace strategy" and a victory for Irish republicanism as is being proclaimed, but rather it is a further victory for British governmental policy in Ireland - a policy which is condemning further generations to conflict.

The BBC stated that "the move is a step in Northern Irelands normalisation programme in response to the [P]IRA's declared end to its activities".

This normalistaion programme has been British policy in Ireland since the 1970's and has always been opposed by Irish republicans meaning it could not be implemented until now. With this in mind what the BBC statement is saying is that the British are now able to implement this policy as a result of the capitulation and surrender of the provisional movement.
Despite their confidence we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are in no doubt that republican resistance will force them to once again drop their facade of normality and expose the occupation for what it is.

Britain still maintains its illegal claim to sovereignty over the 6 counties and this claim is recognised by all the constitutional parties in Ireland. The British army can be returned at any time to aid the 'civil power' and defend the status quo. But even if they were not all that has happened is that the occupation is taking a new outward and 'acceptable' form which they hope will make it all the more effective and this new form of occupation will still be defended by a heavily armed paramilitary police force and an intelligence apparatus which is entrenching itself more than ever in the north.

Republicans must work together to build unity on shared principles and in doing so come up with a viable alternative to British parliamentary activity in Ireland. With this in mind we in the 32CSM have recently released a document entitled "Preparing An Irish Democracy" which we hope can be the first step on this road. We would encourage everyone to read it and engage with us and others in building a new alternative to the failed politics of partition, an alternative which can lead us to our objective of a Socialist Republic.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

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Monday, 21 May 2007


The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn the recent misrepresentation of the Republican Unity initiative as an attempt to stop any attempt at an agreed republican strategy in its tracks. Speculation in a number of Sunday Papers that Óglaigh na hÉireann (whom the media refer to as the Real IRA) have agreed to renounce armed struggle in conjunction with the INLA and Continuity IRA is completely without foundation. It is our opinion that such stories have been deliberately planted in the media in order to cause divisions among the republican organisations and independent republicans involved in the embryonic stages of a Republican Unity project. This project has at its core the concept of republicans working initially on areas of agreement rather than continuing to focus on areas of disagreement. It is our hope that following a period of practical cooperation republicans could unite upon agreed areas of strategy and policy in order to build a much more effective challenge to Britain’s illegal occupation of the north of Ireland. Whether these stories have been planted by the NIO, MI5 or pro state ‘republicans’ it is clear their motivation is to divide republicans on one issue rather than let them unite on the scores of issues they already agree upon. There is also the additional result of unsettling and confusing the volunteers from each of these organisations and the wider republican support base. It is simply ludicrous to believe that these military organisations have come to this position on the back of one meeting of such diverse political opinions and we would urge all republicans to consult their own logic and reasoning rather than allow these diversions to have their intended effect.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Preparing An Irish Democracy

Following on from the publication of our discussioon document Republican Unity the 32CSM put forward a proposal to various republican groups entitled Preparing An Irish Democracy which was aired at the recent meeting of republicans in Derry City on this subject.

The document can be found here:

We would encourage all republicans to read and discuss the document and all criticisms both positive and negative will be welcomed.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Vol. Raymond McCreesh

Monday 21st May will mark the 26th anniversary of the death on hunger strike of Volunteer Raymond McCreesh, South Armagh brigade, Óglaigh na hÉireann.

Raymond was the third of ten men to die on hungerstrike in 1981 in an effort to win political status for republican prisoners of war. As a result of the strike the British government eventually granted all of the prisoners demands and political status was reintroduced in everything but name.

As a result of legislation passed after the signing of the good friday agreement in 1998 and with the consent of Sinn Fein and the SDLP political status was once again removed. Everything that had been won by Raymond and his comrades at the cost of their young lives was bargained away and in the process another generation was condemned to struggle for recognition as political prisoners.

Right now in maghaberry prison Irish republicans are being criminalized by the prison regime for no other reason than like Bobby Sands they too sought to free their country from foreign occupation.

In 2003 as a result of a dirty protest by Óglaigh na hÉireann (whom the media refer to as the Real IRA) prisoners republicans achieved segregation from loyalists and criminals. Last weekend however the prison authorities began moving criminals onto the republican wing in what seems to be an effort to undo the concessions which had been previously won.

The republican prisoners also find themselves locked up for up to 23 hours a day, have inadequate educational facilities, are not allowed to freely associate with one another and are subject to constant strip searches and other forms of harassment and degradation. Their families are also subjected to intimidation and harassment when visiting them.

As the people of South Armagh remember the great sacrifice made by Ray McCreesh we must ask ourselves what it was all for? Are those who suffer today in another British prison any different than he was? and do they not deserve the same support as we gave the men of 1981?

The constitutional nationalist parties have been completely silent on this issue and we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement challenge them to state publicly why they agreed to the removal of political status and do they think that republican prisoners should be labeled as criminals because of their opposition to British rule in Ireland? We would ask them that now they are in government in the 6 counties will they finally do the right thing and restore political status for these men?

Hopefully this situation can be resolved in a proper manner and our communities are never again forced to go through what they did in 1981.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Press release: "Peace" monument

The proposal by Bertie Ahern to build a "monument to the peace process" in the border region is yet another attempt to further the policy of normalizing British rule in Ireland.

Ahern said “The Good Friday Agreement has settled the constitutional issue. The principle of consent is accepted and everyone’s rights and aspirations are protected in the new democratic institutions.”

What about the right of the Irish people to freedom and self-determination? Obviously this is not a factor for those in the halls of power in Ireland both north and south.

What he refers to as the "principle of consent" is nothing more than the old unionist veto repackaged. This principle means the aspirations of the Irish people can be vetoed by a minority of 18% and as such should be opposed by all republicans and democrats in Ireland.

We in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement believe that the 5 million euro which is to be put aside for this monument could be better used to benefit the Irish people by putting it towards hospital beds or alleviating the problem of homelessness.

We also think that it is premature to erect a monument to peace when the core cause of the conflict still remains. That cause is Britain's claim to sovereignty over a part of our country which is in fact illegal under international law.

While we would like to see peace in Ireland the reality is that as long as the British remain here there is always the possibility of renewed conflict. The Irish people have a legal right to resist the occupation of our country through whatever means they deem necessary including the use of armed struggle.

If people want to see a day when we can erect a monument to a real peace in Ireland then they must join with us in seeking to remove the British from these shores and helping to establish an all Ireland Socialist Democratic Republic.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Oglaigh na hEireann Easter Statement 2007.

The Leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann extend Easter greetings to our Volunteers and supporters and to all POW's currently incarcerated for remaining true to the vision of the men and women of 1916. We also extend solidarity and fraternal greetings to fellow revolutionaries the world over, mindful that the anti colonial and anti imperialist struggle is both national and international. Oglaigh na hEireann stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your struggles to rid your nations and peoples of military, political and economic occupation by foreign despots.

Oglaigh na hEireann remember with pride all those who have fallen in the national liberation struggle from all republican organisations, we send easter greetings to the families and friends of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, especially in the most recent campaigns.

We commend our volunteers for the discipline they have shown during these difficult times for republicanism. Discipline is essential if republicanism is to prosper in the future. Republicanism cannot allow itself to be sullied by acts of criminality carried out by those purporting to act in its name, such acts not only bring ignominy on the perpetrators but the entire republican family. We must move forward with principle, clear vision and unity of purpose. We know what need to be done, we cannot allow ourselves to be sidetracked by counter revolutionary activities.

This Easter we commemorate the 91st anniversary of the Easter Rising when republicans from varying political backgrounds and outlooks united on the issues they agreed upon, the necessity of breaking the connection with England and the establishment of a sovereign Irish republic. Today republicanism has also many diverse strands however diversity is a strength, not a weakness, republican diversity and republican unity can co exist. Provided republicans can agree on the central issue, namely the restoration and defence of Irish National sovereignty then we can rebuild a stronger movement capable of challenging British rule in Ireland. Republicanism must return to its progressive and democratic roots if it is to prevent itself being dragged down avenues created to destroy it.

We take this opportunity to pay tribute to all those who took the correct stance on the RUC/PSNI during the recent debate on that issue. Once again we state our total and absolute rejection of this force as acceptable in Ireland. No British policing in Ireland can be countenanced by republicans. Ireland is illegally occupied by Britain thus rendering and British force or institution of power illegal,this is the republican position.

The total capitulation of a once revolutionary movement has shocked and saddened many but has come as no surprise to Oglaigh na hEireann. History is littered with examples of revolutionaries becoming absorbed into the state apparatus of the systems they once fought. The promise of changing the system from within has turned out to be an empty one for republicans. In these historic times history teaches us to be wary of such hollow rhetoric. Those who have in the past promised to change the system today preside over massive inequalities of wealth and opportunity and the wholesale rape and theft of our natural resources. Others who more recently promised to lead us to the republic have delivered British rule and at a terrible cost.

Thankfully our history has also taught us that there will always be those willing to resist injustice and occupation by whatever means are at their disposal, including force of arms. Likewise Oglaigh na hEireann, the Irish Republican Army will continue to reserve the right to use armed force as and when we deem it necessary.
In Defence of the Nation.
Beir Bua.

Monday, 26 March 2007

Murphy calls for collaboration

For the second time in a week Conor Murphy has taken the side of the crown forces over that of the youth of South Armagh and given a clear indication of where Sinn Fein stands.

The people of Crossmaglen clearly reject any British police force in Ireland and the young people have demonstrated this by carrying out attacks upon them. Despite Murphy's claims that these attacks are being carried out by "sinister elements" they are in fact a manifestation of peoples anger at the continued occupation of their country and of Sinn Feins stance that we should now support that occupation.

Murphy said "I would appeal to those involved in this type of pointless activity to wise up and to reflect upon the damage that this type of activity does to the reputation of the local community here in Crossmaglen"

But contrary to his claim it is in fact these young people who are upholding the reputation of South Armagh as a place where foreign occupying forces will never be welcomed. It is they who are continuing with the same spirit of resistance that the people of this area have always shown. Long may it continue.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement calls on Conor Murphy to "wise up" himself and "reflect on the damage" he is doing to the community through calling on local people to become informers for the British and also ask what his own collaboration "does to the reputation of the local community here in Crossmaglen".

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


The crash landing of a British military helicopter in Crossmaglen is an extremely worrying development, although one which local people are not entirely surprised at, as these helicopters constantly fly at a dangerously low level, and without regard for the safety and well being of the local population.

Photographs of the crash illustrate just how close this was to a housing estate, and just how lucky we are that there was not massive civilian fatalities in the area. As long as the British army remain in Ireland there is always the possibility that next time we will not be so lucky.

The statement by Conor Murphy calling on local people to inform on those who subsequently attacked the crown forces in the area is a clear illustration of which side he is now on. We have little doubt that this call for collaboration with the British crown forces will be completely ignored by the people of Crossmaglen.

What Conor Murphy does is his own business, but it is utterly contemptible that he would make such a call in the name of Irish republicanism, and in the process disrespect the memory of all those Republican volunteers who gave their lives fighting against the very same crown forces.

We in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, for our part, salute the acts of resistance shown by the youth of Crossmaglen, who clearly have not bought into the revisionist lies and distortions being sold to them.

Republicans in South Armagh must now begin the arduous, but necessary task of rebuilding Republicanism in the area, and creating a resistance movement, bigger and better than that which we once had, in order to drive the British army once and for all from these shores and establish an independent Irish Republic.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Saturday, 17 March 2007


The recent talks in London between the constitutional political parties and the British Government with the aim of postponing the upcoming water bills for the first year, is in itself an admission by the parties that they will agree to the charges after that year.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement calls on all the people of the north to refuse to pay the new water charges if they are introduced in April, but also if they are not to use the next year to build massive opposition at a grass roots level. As we already pay for water as part of our rates bill, the introduction of these charges will mean that the people of the six counties will now be paying twice.

But more importantly this constitutes the theft of Irish natural resources by a British company, and just one more of the negative effects of the British occupation of our country.

International law states that "The right of peoples and nations to permanent sovereignty over their natural wealth and resources must be exercised in the interest of their national development and of the well-being of the people of the State concerned." (General Assembly resolution 1803)

The privatization and sale of our own water back to us however will be done only in the interests of a few company directors, and certainly not "in the interest of their national development and of the well-being of the people" of Ireland. We contest that this charge is in fact a breach of International law, and as such it is not only our right but our duty to refuse to pay.

We would call on those who have not done so already to join one of the groups set up specifically to oppose water charges, such as the "we won't pay campaign" who have done excellent work, but which can only improve with numbers.

Finally we would ask people to think what will happen if they fail to stand up and resist? Already there is talk that in the near future we will have to pay to have our bins emptied. Now is the time to take a stand against the theft and privatization of Irish natural resources and the blatant disregard for our national sovereignty.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

Thursday, 15 March 2007


The recent announcement of the recruitment of 50 part time PSNI officers for the Newry and Mourne area (and despite the medias portrayal of it as a bold step forward) is nothing more than an extension of the British governments normalization policy in Ireland.

These people who will take up their positions in July of this year will be no different than any other member of the RUC in that their principle aim will be to maintain the status quo and defend Britain's illegal claim to sovereignty in the six occupied counties.

The recent claims which have been made by the constitutional political parties that policing has now changed were exposed for what they were, when only the day after the recent assembly elections independent republican Gerry McGeough was arrested leaving a polling station in Omagh. This arrest was clearly politically motivated and was intended as a message to all republicans that nothing has changed and that those who oppose the British presence in Ireland will be removed and silenced.

The fact is that as long as there is a dispute over the constitutional status of the six counties British policing will remain political policing as it is there to carry out the will and enforce the laws of one of the main protagonists in the conflict.

We in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement fully recognize that people need civic policing, but civic policing can only come from a police force that is neutral on the constitutional issue. With this in mind we have been calling for an international police force as outlined in our documents "No other law" and "The Necessity of Policing and The Necessity for Constitutional Change " and we would urge all people who really do seek non-political policing to read and comment on these documents.

It has also been brought to our attention that several teachers and others with influence over young people in the South Armagh area have been urging them to consider a career in the PSNI. We would ask them to carefully think about how they use their influence as they are asking these young people to put themselves in the firing line, something which could have fatal consequences.

We would also call on the people of South Armagh to reject British Policing as they have always done and give their full support to those who seek to end the occupation of our country.

Kevin Murphy


32 County Sovereignty Movement

South Armagh

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Press Release: 32CSM condemns politically motivated arrest of Gerry McGeough

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemns the politically motivated arrest of assembly candidate Gerry McGeough outside Omagh Leisure Centre on Thursday 8th March. This disgraceful arrest is not only an attack on his mandate and on the nationalist people but is also a clear message that the RUC/PSNI hasn't changed and despite assertions from Provisional Sinn Fein, the RUC will still carry out political policing functions at the behest of the British security establishment. This arrest is quite clearly a shot across the bows of Mr Adams and his party and a reminder that they must fully endorse British law in Ireland and the political establishment that enacts such laws.

The timing of this arrest is irrefutable evidence of political policing and the fact that it was carried out just after the election as opposed to prior to elections clearly indicates political intervention by the British security establishment. It further underlines the folly of nationalist endorsement of British policing in Ireland

Thursday, 22 February 2007


The March election campaign is now under way and there is a range of candidates going forward on a stated stance of opposition to British Policing in Ireland.

This common thread is a unifying call for the Republican and Nationalist community to exercise their right to register their misgivings and opposition to the acceptance of the PSNI/RUC, MI5 and the whole British intelligence services operating illegally in Ireland.

It also allows the people to voice their opposition to the continued sectarian politics of the British inspired Stormont Deal as agreed under the St. Andrews agreement.

Policing is both the visual spectacle of the British Government's illegal sovereign claim to the six occupied counties and also remains their bulwark against Irish unification. This has never been acceptable in the past and isnot acceptable now despite statements from pro-establishment parties that it is a work in progress. It is not, and this is borne out by the British and Dublin governments assertions that the constitutional question is settled from their respective positions.

Therefore those advocating the stepping stone formula are deluding themselves and are not being honest with the Irish people.

This is evident by their refusal to tell the Irish people exactly how they will achieve their stated objectives by administering British Rule in Ireland.

The Anti British Policing candidates come from varying backgrounds, however that should not deter anyone from voting for them.

Equally the candidates should not interpret the vote as anything otherthan what it is, opposition to British policing and British law in Ireland.

These candidates are honourable and principled people and deserve the peoples vote on this issue.

Already the perception is being created by the establishment media and the establishment parties that these candidates have no prospects of securing credible support. This is rubbish and these sentiments are being expressed to divert attention away from the real issue of British policing and the deep unease which this issue is having within the nationalist and republican community.

Throughout the ongoing Anti British Policing debates large numbers have attended and clearly reflected this unease at the continuance of British policing and British Rule in Ireland.

This clearly demonstrates that the republican position is strong. British policing is the unifying issue for all republicans and the Nationalist community to register their opposition to it.

Equally this mandate post election will allow the candidates and the republican base to democratically decide how that mandate is used in stepping up the campaign against British policing.

I take this opportunity to wish all the candidates well in their challengeto British policing in Ireland and urge the Nationalist/Republican people toregister their vote against British policing in our country.

Francis Mackey
National Chairman
32 County Sovereignty Movement

Saturday, 3 February 2007

IRPWA Call for International Action

The IRPWA has called for an international sanction
against the Free State government for their use of internment
in the 26 Counties. Spokesman Martin Mulholland
was speaking after yet another Republican was charged
with IRA membership despite no concrete evidence being
produced save the word of a senior member of the
Speaking in Dublin Mr Mulholland told The
Sovereign Nation "It is getting ridiculous now the amount of
men getting effectively interned in the south on the word of a
politically motivated, anti-Republican police force. Many men
have been charged and convicted on the strength of associations
and on what gardai 'believe to be true'.
Recently a Kildare man stood trial for membership
of the IRA after a period in custody and a long period on bail
with severe restrictions. This mans human rights were
infringed upon with his ability to travel, attend events and
associate with whom he chose, curtailed. The evidence
against this man was laughable consisting mainly of a humorous
T-Shirt (available almost anywhere, including high street
stores) and domestic clocks. The police also claimed that this
man associated with members of the IRA but given that they
need no objective proof to state these men were in the IRA,
that again is suspect.
The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association
believe that if the so called 'proof' that has put many anti
agreement Republicans in Portlaoise in the last few years
were to be independently and objectively examined at an
international court (such as the European court of Human
rights) or their cases referred to somewhere like the UN
Human Rights Commission then the international community
could see what passes for justice in this banana Republic of
It is noted by various Human Rights organizations
that under the so-called ‘offences against the State Act’ literally
anyone can be sent by the Director of Public Prosecutions
to trial at the Dublin Special Criminal Court, and they do not
have to give any reason whatsoever. At a time when America
and Britain are coming under criticism for jailing anyone they
deem politically undesirable, it seems too few in the political
establishment here are loathe to pick up on the injustices
occuring on their own doorstep.
If there were any confirmations that the 26 County
State had more than a passing resemblance to its British
counterpart (especially in dealing with Republicans) it would
be here in its continued use of diplock non-jury courts and
repressive ‘legal’ apparatus.
These laws and practices would be the envy of any
South American right wing tin pot dictatorship, and it is time
the Irish people acted and spoke out. We would urge anyone
who has been charged or convicted of membership without
any additional charge to look at the possibility of taking further
legal advice with a view to having their cases re-examined.
The IRPWA and our comrades in the 32 County Sovereignty
Movement intend on raising the profile of these human rights
abuses in the coming weeks and months."


A Chairde , In the face of current attempts by the leadership of the Provisional Movement in concert with the British government to secure support for the British police in Ireland , the South Armagh 32 County Sovereignty Movement appeal to all republicans in this locality and further afield to come together urgently and engage in meaningful political debate on this fundamental issue . While various arguments have been advanced of late by the constitutional nationalist leaderships to portray this move into the structures of the British crown forces as an advance for the nationalist community , what has been studiously and deliberately avoided is the central issue , that of our national sovereignty . The partition of Ireland is a crime against the Irish people and always has been . The continued violation of our national sovereignty is an illegal and criminal act directed against our entire nation , contrary to international law and numerous United Nations charters on human rights and national self determination . The British occupation of Ireland is illegal , criminal and illegitimate and by extension of that central fundamental premise so are its occupying forces . The dignified and accountable policing structures that the Irish people deserve cannot be delivered by an illegitimate criminal outfit , an illegal armed force of an illegal foreign occupation . Such a force has no legitimacy on this island whatsoever . The new RUC , just as its predecessors , will remain a heavily armed British counter insurgency force and a blight on this nation , its progress and its dignity , and by extension our dignity as Irish citizens . The PSNIs' primary purpose will be to secure the writ of British rule on this island , regardless of their own religious make up and to arrest , jail and even shoot those who refuse to accept the legitimacy of that foreign and illegitimate writ. In this context Catholic recruitment figures are little more than a red herring and publicity spin designed to make them more acceptable and PR friendly . The 32 County Sovereignty Movement seek meaningful and comradely engagement within the republican base on this fundamental issue and we urge all republicans and nationalists within South Armagh to continue to reject this foreign British force and afford it no legitimacy whatsoever . With regards to encouraging the emerging debate within republicanism and the desire to find an acceptable alternative to this illegitimate foreign force , we also wish to make available to all Irish republicans our recent policy and discussion documents as regards British policing in Ireland as a means to facilitate the previously lacking but now steadily emerging debate on policing within the republican base . South Armagh 32CSM urge local republicans with an interest in pushing the debate forward to contact us locally so our position and documents ( "No Other Law" and other recent position papers) can be discussed and explained and used to clarify the current situation while helping to dispel the deliberate fog of confusion which has been used so far to smother any alternative viewpoints within republicanism. These documents have been distributed among the republican base and have been warmly received and found useful by many concerned republicans who are today making clear their refusal to accept the British occupation forces as any kind of legitimate civic policing service . 32 CSM in South Armagh can be contacted locally , through our paper sellers or alternatively at our e- mail address

Is Mise, Kevin Murphy ,


South Armagh 32 County Sovereignty Movement