Sunday, 29 April 2007

Press release: "Peace" monument

The proposal by Bertie Ahern to build a "monument to the peace process" in the border region is yet another attempt to further the policy of normalizing British rule in Ireland.

Ahern said “The Good Friday Agreement has settled the constitutional issue. The principle of consent is accepted and everyone’s rights and aspirations are protected in the new democratic institutions.”

What about the right of the Irish people to freedom and self-determination? Obviously this is not a factor for those in the halls of power in Ireland both north and south.

What he refers to as the "principle of consent" is nothing more than the old unionist veto repackaged. This principle means the aspirations of the Irish people can be vetoed by a minority of 18% and as such should be opposed by all republicans and democrats in Ireland.

We in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement believe that the 5 million euro which is to be put aside for this monument could be better used to benefit the Irish people by putting it towards hospital beds or alleviating the problem of homelessness.

We also think that it is premature to erect a monument to peace when the core cause of the conflict still remains. That cause is Britain's claim to sovereignty over a part of our country which is in fact illegal under international law.

While we would like to see peace in Ireland the reality is that as long as the British remain here there is always the possibility of renewed conflict. The Irish people have a legal right to resist the occupation of our country through whatever means they deem necessary including the use of armed struggle.

If people want to see a day when we can erect a monument to a real peace in Ireland then they must join with us in seeking to remove the British from these shores and helping to establish an all Ireland Socialist Democratic Republic.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

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