Monday, 26 March 2007

Murphy calls for collaboration

For the second time in a week Conor Murphy has taken the side of the crown forces over that of the youth of South Armagh and given a clear indication of where Sinn Fein stands.

The people of Crossmaglen clearly reject any British police force in Ireland and the young people have demonstrated this by carrying out attacks upon them. Despite Murphy's claims that these attacks are being carried out by "sinister elements" they are in fact a manifestation of peoples anger at the continued occupation of their country and of Sinn Feins stance that we should now support that occupation.

Murphy said "I would appeal to those involved in this type of pointless activity to wise up and to reflect upon the damage that this type of activity does to the reputation of the local community here in Crossmaglen"

But contrary to his claim it is in fact these young people who are upholding the reputation of South Armagh as a place where foreign occupying forces will never be welcomed. It is they who are continuing with the same spirit of resistance that the people of this area have always shown. Long may it continue.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement calls on Conor Murphy to "wise up" himself and "reflect on the damage" he is doing to the community through calling on local people to become informers for the British and also ask what his own collaboration "does to the reputation of the local community here in Crossmaglen".

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

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andyacton said...

The former Provisionals have clearly forgotton or have chosen to forget the historical and natural right of the Irish people to resist and defend their nation and freedom... No where is that right more understood than in Armagh... Bandit country forever.... Irish nationalists here in Canada understand this well