Saturday, 17 March 2007


The recent talks in London between the constitutional political parties and the British Government with the aim of postponing the upcoming water bills for the first year, is in itself an admission by the parties that they will agree to the charges after that year.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement calls on all the people of the north to refuse to pay the new water charges if they are introduced in April, but also if they are not to use the next year to build massive opposition at a grass roots level. As we already pay for water as part of our rates bill, the introduction of these charges will mean that the people of the six counties will now be paying twice.

But more importantly this constitutes the theft of Irish natural resources by a British company, and just one more of the negative effects of the British occupation of our country.

International law states that "The right of peoples and nations to permanent sovereignty over their natural wealth and resources must be exercised in the interest of their national development and of the well-being of the people of the State concerned." (General Assembly resolution 1803)

The privatization and sale of our own water back to us however will be done only in the interests of a few company directors, and certainly not "in the interest of their national development and of the well-being of the people" of Ireland. We contest that this charge is in fact a breach of International law, and as such it is not only our right but our duty to refuse to pay.

We would call on those who have not done so already to join one of the groups set up specifically to oppose water charges, such as the "we won't pay campaign" who have done excellent work, but which can only improve with numbers.

Finally we would ask people to think what will happen if they fail to stand up and resist? Already there is talk that in the near future we will have to pay to have our bins emptied. Now is the time to take a stand against the theft and privatization of Irish natural resources and the blatant disregard for our national sovereignty.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh

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