Wednesday, 14 November 2007

IRA Statement on Newry Attack

This statement was delivered anonymously to The Sovereign Nation:

"Óglaigh na hÉireann claim responsibility for planting a small explosive device near the Cenotaph in Newry on Sunday 11th November.
This device was positioned in such a way so as not to cause injury to civilians. This step was taken as we had observed the RUC/PSNI failing to evacuate those in the vicinity of bomb alerts in the past, so too with this incident.
Some elements have attempted to play down this attack however this device was neither crude nor contained fireworks but detonated in the manner we intended.
This operation was carried out in response to a campaign by the British colonial police to disrupt republican commemorations and harass those in attandance.
Until the Crown forces cease preventing republicans from honouring Ireland's dead and until our POWs are no longer placed in punishment blocks for wearing republican symbols at Easter, we reserve the right to carry out such attacks in the future"

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