Monday, 21 May 2007


The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn the recent misrepresentation of the Republican Unity initiative as an attempt to stop any attempt at an agreed republican strategy in its tracks. Speculation in a number of Sunday Papers that Óglaigh na hÉireann (whom the media refer to as the Real IRA) have agreed to renounce armed struggle in conjunction with the INLA and Continuity IRA is completely without foundation. It is our opinion that such stories have been deliberately planted in the media in order to cause divisions among the republican organisations and independent republicans involved in the embryonic stages of a Republican Unity project. This project has at its core the concept of republicans working initially on areas of agreement rather than continuing to focus on areas of disagreement. It is our hope that following a period of practical cooperation republicans could unite upon agreed areas of strategy and policy in order to build a much more effective challenge to Britain’s illegal occupation of the north of Ireland. Whether these stories have been planted by the NIO, MI5 or pro state ‘republicans’ it is clear their motivation is to divide republicans on one issue rather than let them unite on the scores of issues they already agree upon. There is also the additional result of unsettling and confusing the volunteers from each of these organisations and the wider republican support base. It is simply ludicrous to believe that these military organisations have come to this position on the back of one meeting of such diverse political opinions and we would urge all republicans to consult their own logic and reasoning rather than allow these diversions to have their intended effect.


Marcus said...

The Belfast agreement has produced tangible results, a prime example being the dismatling of British spytowers in South Armagh. The reintoduction of the armed struggle at this time would be counter productive.

southarmagh32csm said...

Nothing has really changed Marcus. The spyposts may be gone but the British presence still remains and indeed is actually stronger as it is being potrayed as normal. The GFA was a defeat for republicanism, although a defeat from which we have learned many valuable lessons.