Saturday, 3 February 2007


A Chairde , In the face of current attempts by the leadership of the Provisional Movement in concert with the British government to secure support for the British police in Ireland , the South Armagh 32 County Sovereignty Movement appeal to all republicans in this locality and further afield to come together urgently and engage in meaningful political debate on this fundamental issue . While various arguments have been advanced of late by the constitutional nationalist leaderships to portray this move into the structures of the British crown forces as an advance for the nationalist community , what has been studiously and deliberately avoided is the central issue , that of our national sovereignty . The partition of Ireland is a crime against the Irish people and always has been . The continued violation of our national sovereignty is an illegal and criminal act directed against our entire nation , contrary to international law and numerous United Nations charters on human rights and national self determination . The British occupation of Ireland is illegal , criminal and illegitimate and by extension of that central fundamental premise so are its occupying forces . The dignified and accountable policing structures that the Irish people deserve cannot be delivered by an illegitimate criminal outfit , an illegal armed force of an illegal foreign occupation . Such a force has no legitimacy on this island whatsoever . The new RUC , just as its predecessors , will remain a heavily armed British counter insurgency force and a blight on this nation , its progress and its dignity , and by extension our dignity as Irish citizens . The PSNIs' primary purpose will be to secure the writ of British rule on this island , regardless of their own religious make up and to arrest , jail and even shoot those who refuse to accept the legitimacy of that foreign and illegitimate writ. In this context Catholic recruitment figures are little more than a red herring and publicity spin designed to make them more acceptable and PR friendly . The 32 County Sovereignty Movement seek meaningful and comradely engagement within the republican base on this fundamental issue and we urge all republicans and nationalists within South Armagh to continue to reject this foreign British force and afford it no legitimacy whatsoever . With regards to encouraging the emerging debate within republicanism and the desire to find an acceptable alternative to this illegitimate foreign force , we also wish to make available to all Irish republicans our recent policy and discussion documents as regards British policing in Ireland as a means to facilitate the previously lacking but now steadily emerging debate on policing within the republican base . South Armagh 32CSM urge local republicans with an interest in pushing the debate forward to contact us locally so our position and documents ( "No Other Law" and other recent position papers) can be discussed and explained and used to clarify the current situation while helping to dispel the deliberate fog of confusion which has been used so far to smother any alternative viewpoints within republicanism. These documents have been distributed among the republican base and have been warmly received and found useful by many concerned republicans who are today making clear their refusal to accept the British occupation forces as any kind of legitimate civic policing service . 32 CSM in South Armagh can be contacted locally , through our paper sellers or alternatively at our e- mail address

Is Mise, Kevin Murphy ,


South Armagh 32 County Sovereignty Movement


Anonymous said...

Its excellent that Republicans in south armagh are standing up to the counter revolutionaries of the provisional movement, and giving real republicans a voice.

Robert said...

this blog is a good idea god bless you ireland smiles down upon you achara!!

Manchester32CSM said...

Great to see the blog up, looks great.